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Encoder Coupling

Encoder Coupling in India

We have the great market name as the leading Encoder Coupling Manufacturer, trader and supplier. Our presented product is fabricated by our fabulous experts with the ultimate features of accurate structure, corrosion proof structure etc. This coupling is made by us for utilization in petrochemical plants, machine apparatuses, ball screws, air cooling units, wind control, and so on.

This encoder coupling is planned according to the advanced models for its excellent efficiency and stunning structure and additionally best for the longer years of industrial applications so avail your Encoder Coupling from our industry at very minimum cost price.

Special Features

  • Accurate structure
  • Long lasting
  • Stunning structure
Encoder Coupling Manufacturer
Encoder Coupling


  • Alluminium alloy, St. Steel,
    Brass, Nylon material.
  • Inbuilt flange clamping or Set screw clamping
  • Angular offset upto 5 degrees
  • Parallel offset upto 0.2 mm No Backlash
  • Constant velocity transmission
  • Tortionally stiff
  • One piece construction


  • Shaft Encoder.
  • Tachogenerator.
  • Potentiometers & Variacs.
  • Stepper & synchronous motor.
  • Damper Drives.
  • Rotary position transmiter


  • Different Dia & Bore sizes
  • Higher trosional Versions
  • Different materials

This shaft coupling connects two shaft to transmit torque, motion etc. It is a coupling which can adjust itself to misalignment of two shafts connected by it. Misalignment may be angular, parralle or skew. when motion transmission is important, the misalignment should not affect the velocity & acceleration of the shaft. This calls for a torsionally rigid, yet flexible coupling. This coupling offer you this advantage using special machining processes. Given in this leaflet are verious couplings used in listed applications.