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Gear Coupling

Gear Coupling Manufacturer

We are the most renowned Gear Coupling Manufacturer, Helical Gear, Worm Gear, Bevel Gear, Spur Gear, distributor in Mumbai, Maharashtra so normally we are having the more regular customers from there & from whole cities of India. Our offered coupling is the highly selling product as it requires less maintenance, correct finishing and generally utilized for transmits control from drive to turning equipments. Our gear couplings are most commonly manufactured in a large quantity at our unit so we are giving them in very nominal rates.

We are using the superior quality of resources to design these gear couplings manufacturer so it is much flexible in nature for using them for high and low, more load capacity holding with associated slight misalignment. As per the different consumers needs, our team is designing this coupling with required variations and changes in it.

Special Features

  • Flexible in nature
  • Less maintenance requires
  • High quality
Gear Coupling Manufacturer in Mumbai
Gear Coupling at Best Price in India
Gear Coupling Price
flexible gear coupling

High Torque Ratings

BVCHAINS RGD Gear coupling; torque capacity exceeds the competition, and it allows smaller coupling size of increased service factor.

Large Bore Capacity

BVCHAINS Gear couplings can accommodate large shaft diameters for given particular size of coupling compared to the competition, in most instances. That mean you can buy a smaller less expensive coupling and still get the proper rating for the equipment.


Complete half coupling assemblies are interchangeable with any other half gear coupling with exposed bolt flange manufactured to AGMA standard. replacement half couplings provide additional hub strength and lower gear mesh loads.

High Misalignment Capacity

BVCHAINS Gear couplings are designed to accommodate a static misalignment of 11/2° per gear mesh. The recommended operating misalignment is limited to 3/4° per gear mesh. Axial moment of connected shafts is also accommodated in these couplings.

Lubrication System

BVCHAINS Special Grease properties are designed/developed to resist separation of Base oil & thickner due to centrifugal forces encountered in Gear coupling. This benefits for the application -

  • Significantly extended relubrication intervals
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Superior lubrication
  • Increased coupling life

The location & size lubrication holes in the sleeve ensures that adequate grease is available at the gear mesh, where it is needed must fully moulded seals positively lubricant and seal interior against foreign matter

What are Gear Couplings?
Gear Coupling India
Helical Gear Coupling, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Spacer type - Gear Coupling


flexible gear coupling in Maharashtra

Standard full flexible gear coupling TYPE BVG accommodates angular & parallel misalignments or a combination of both as well as axial misalignment (end float). Ideal for all horizontal, close coupled applications including fans, overhead cranes, conveyors, steel & paper mill equipments. One or both the hubs can be easily reversed for more than normal shafts separation applications.

flexible gear coupling TYPE BVG
Gear Coupling Manufacturer in Mumbai