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Bevel Gear Manufacturer in India

Bevel gear Exporter in India

Bevel gear is a type of gear that is used to transmit power and torque between two intersecting shafts. Unlike parallel shaft gears, which have teeth that run parallel to the axis of rotation, bevel gears have teeth that are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation. This allows them to transfer power and torque between shafts that are not parallel to each other. Bevel gears come in a variety of configurations, including straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, and hypoid bevel gears. Straight bevel gears have straight teeth and are used in applications where the shafts are perpendicular to each other. B V Transmission Industries is the leading Bevel gear Manufacturer as well as Bevel gear exporter in India. We Manufacture and sell a wide variety of these Bevel gear as per the given preferences of valuable clients. Spiral bevel gears have curved teeth that gradually intersect the shafts and are used in applications where high speed and high torque are required. Hypoid bevel gears have offset teeth and are used in applications where the shafts are at an angle to each other and space is limited.

Bevel gear Supplier in India

We are the leading bevel gear manufacturer in India. With the help of dedicated engineers engaged in the unit, we are developing a classified assortment of bevel gears as per the different industrial requirements. These gears are fabricated in different diameters and sizes as per the required uses. We have employed premium-grade raw materials in the framing to make sure that bevel gears are precise in heavy-duty applications. The bevel gears we produce have high contact strength and no exertion is given on the side force. It has a well enduring life span and is highly resistant to corrosion and wear-tear. The entire range of bevel gear produced is thoroughly checked under the supervision of quality experts while manufacturing and is again rechecked before setting out for delivery. it is used in a variety of applications that ranges from locomotives, marine applications, automobiles, printing presses, cooling towers, power plants, steel plants, to railway track inspection machines, etc.