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Disc coupling is a type of flexible coupling used to connect two rotating shafts in a mechanical system. It is designed to transmit torque between the shafts while accommodating misalignment and vibration. Disc coupling consists of two metal hubs with flexible metal discs (typically made of stainless steel) sandwiched between them. The discs are bolted to the hubs, and the hubs are attached to the shafts that need to be connected. The flexible discs allow the coupling to accommodate misalignment and vibration, while still transmitting torque between the shafts. In this field, we are distinguished as a significant Disc Coupling Manufacturer and Trader in India. Our professionals were structured this coupling with fantastic speed, high torque limit and flawless execution. The disc couplings offered by us is given in different limits and particulars as per the clients necessities. This coupling is great quality of product and as well long lasting for the industrial applications and available with us in normal rates.

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We build our position as a leading Disc coupling Supplier in India. Who Manufacture, Supply and Export best quality of Disc couplings at reasonable price. The discs of a disc coupling can either be metallic or non-metallic, and their number can vary depending on the required torque capacity and angular misalignment compensation. The disc coupling allows for a high degree of misalignment compensation, and it can handle both parallel and angular misalignments between the two shafts, making it suitable for various industrial applications. Disc couplings are commonly used in power transmission systems, such as pumps, compressors, turbines, and generators, and they can operate at high speeds and under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. They are also known for their low maintenance requirements, high reliability, and precision performance.

Disc Coupling Exporter from India
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