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Universal Joint Coupling Manufacturer in India

Universal Joint Coupling Exporter in India

B V Transmission Industries is the leading Universal Joint Coupling Manufacturer as well as Universal Joint Coupling exporter in India. We manufacture and sell a wide variety of these Universal Joint Coupling as per the given preferences of valuable clients. Universal joint coupling, also known as a U-joint or Cardan joint, is a mechanical device used to connect two rotating shafts at an angle that may not be in a straight line. It consists of a cross-shaped or H-shaped assembly with two yokes and four bearing caps, which allow for the transfer of torque and rotational motion from one shaft to the other. Universal joint couplings are commonly used in automobiles, industrial machinery, and other applications where there is a need to transmit torque between two shafts that are not in line with each other. They are also used in drive shafts, steering systems, and other applications where there is a need for flexibility and movement between the two shafts. One of the advantages of a universal joint coupling is its ability to transmit torque at an angle, which makes it an ideal choice for applications where the shafts are not aligned.

Universal Joint Coupling Supplier India

We build our position as a leading Universal Joint Coupling Supplier in India. Who Manufacture, Supply and Export best quality of Universal Joint Couplings at reasonable price. Inferable from our skill, we are assembling, sending out and providing the best quality Universal Joint Couplings that are broadly requested in various production and vehicle enterprises of fitting the various types of machineries. This is possible because we are using the better-quality materials & dynamic innovations in creating this provided coupling for our reliable consumers.

Our Universal Joint Coupling Manufacturer is highly acknowledged by many industrialists for its erosion free nature, high resilience, accurate toughness and tremendous quality of product. Our offered coupling is easily available for all the clients from any destinations of India or outside countries in a prompt delivery by our team at very economical costs.

Special Features

  • High resilience
  • Accurate toughness
  • Erosion free nature
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Universal Joints proved a sample & economic method of connecting two shafts whose axes are inclined at anangle. They are also used when the angle varies during rotation eliminating the neeel for the cnninlirri mechanisms usualy associated with this type

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