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GR Coupling Manufacturer in India

GR Coupling Exporter in India

B V Transmission Industries is the leading GR couplings Manufacturer as well as GR couplings exporter in India. We Manufacture and sell a wide variety of these GR couplings as per the given preferences of valuable clients. GR couplings are the three piece assembly of 2 no. Aluminium Alloy Cast Iron or Steel hubs and one Special Grade Polyurethane Spider. These three pieces are co-axially assembled to complete the GR coupling. After assembly these couplings becomes sufficient flexible, positive motion and power transmitting fail safe coupling elements. Due to polyurethane spider, both the metallic hubs are separated from each other to avoid there physical contact. This helps to avoid the electrical and frequency isolation of both the connected driver and driven elements. GR couplings are basically uses in Pumps, Cooling Towers, Conveyers, Rolling Mills, Hyd. Power Packs Crane, Hoist, Gear Box & Motors, Textile Machine, Special Purpose Machine And many more Aplications. GR Coulings have many benifits like it is Flexible, No maintenance, No Lubrication, Failsafe,Uniform & Positive motion and power transmission, Electrical and frequency isolation, Available in Unbored, pilot bore and finish bore and key-ways.

GR Coupling Manufacturer